Eating Disorders

I have worked extensively with adults and youth with Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder and other patterns of disordered eating.  In this work there is a strong emphasis on learning about each persons unique eating disorder experience and how ready clients are to make changes.  As with addictions, most people have mixed feelings about making changes to their disordered eating.  The therapeutic process is shaped and matched by that readiness level.  In working with Adolescents who are undernourished, there is a strong emphasis on incorporating the whole family into the eating disorder treatment.  Modalities of CBT, DBT and Motivational Interviewing are used in varying degrees to match each client's situation.  Given the physiological risks associated with disordered eating, the therapy is only one component of a client's service needs.  Involvement with a medical doctor to assess and monitor physical risk factors as well as the possibility of nutritional consultation will be encouraged. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I can be reached by email at or phone at 250-509-1092.  I offer a free 20-minute initial meeting to help you get a sense of the process and my fit for you.

The soul has been given its own ears to hear things that the mind does not understand.
— Rumi