Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress


Many people are concerned about going to counselling to address historical trauma for fear that talking about it can make the symptoms worse.  This is a valid concern.  The old model of having to fall apart in order to heal has been proven wrong.  Digging up the past can cause re-traumatisation and it is the therapists job to ensure that the whole counselling journey increases a person's experience of resiliency and strength.  All counselling, even when its about very terrible life events, should leave clients feeling strong, capable and safe throughout the counselling journey.  Careful attention to regulating anxiety levels throughout therapy can ensure that the process of healing past trauma can be a very positive and safe experience.  We do not have to fall apart in order to get better, but rather can resolve trauma from a base of strength and resilience. 


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The soul has been given its own ears to hear things that the mind does not understand.
— Rumi